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The Villards have been raising natural American Lamb in Colorado
over 95 years.

Villard Ranch is a third generation sheep operation located in Northwest Colorado. We continue to raise them much the same way "Grandma Villard" did over ninety years ago.  The operation that started in Utah and used pastures part-time in Colorado moved to the Yampa Valley in 1928. Since then it has seen changes in the production and consumption of lamb and wool in the US. We have seen the reduction of the use of American Lamb and the increase in imported sheep products. We witnessed changes in the way sheep are transported to seasonal pastures, the way that wool is packaged and sold and in the attitude towards sheep in general.  One thing that has not changed is the way that the Villard sheep are raised. They are a free range herd, moved from the lower country in the winter to the fattening grasses of the high country summer pastures. Our sheep and lambs are natural from the ground up. Raised with sunshine, green grass, clean air and fresh mountain water.  We invite you to taste the difference that Mother Nature makes in our fresh Colorado Lamb!

So when you go Out Back tonight...
make it Fresh American Lamb on your plate!

Call Today for prices and availabilty.
We would be happy to set up processing as well as shipping for any of our customers.


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Keeping Western traditions and an American way of life alive, one family at a time.
Villard Ranch
in Beautiful Northwest Colorado


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